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Very long synthetic fibers with the multiple reflections to imitate the scales of fish,...

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premium quality marabou blood feathers

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Beast fibers

A soft, fine, Hydrophobic fiber. This crimped synthetic adds bulk to your fly and sheds water 30 cm...

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High Intensity LED Curing Light

this light uses the blue, visible light spectrum, as in Dentistry, because of it's safety factor...

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This is an extremely strong and resilient chenille. Great for tying eggs, Woolly Buggers and Egg-...

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jmc polyfloss

Stevige draad die zich plat maakt om de reguliere lichamen of tags te maken.

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jmc draad fil 6/0

Fijne en stevige draad in spoel van 100 m met 21 kleuren voor de montage van alle vliegen.

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jmc tinsel fin

tinsel is een metalen vezel voor het omsnoeren van vliegen

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